What We Do

A company designed for the supply chain client who demands dependability as well as adaptability from their logistics provider.

HDL’s solutions are not for all companies. We are a nimble company that works best with logistics of high consequence that is dynamic in nature. Our boutique model is built to achieve optimal performance within the North American expedite, time definite and technical delivery categories for a select number of customers. Every client is supported in a different and unique manor based on their individual needs.

Domestic Logistics

High Definition Logistics' core services are expedited and time definite movement of freight throughout North America. This includes air freight, exclusive use vehicle, full truckload, and time definite ground network shipments. Our first and final mile network of agents allows us to perform many specialized services at point of pick-up and delivery.

Expedited & Time Definite

We know that your expedited and time definite needs leave no room for error. Over the past 25 years there has been enormous change in the expedited and time definite industry. In fact, the only constant has been change. Understanding this evolution helps create a vision of the future. We are certain there will be expectations for even higher levels of performance.
The drivers to high performance that achieve your success include:

  • Understanding your client's needs
  • Effective planning and scheduling
  • Optimizing multiple networks to handle your specific needs while maximizing options
  • Communication- accurate information to the correct person at the right time
  • Ability to react and recover when circumstances change

Our custom solutions are designed to provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We give you exactly what is needed to achieve the goals of you clients. We also realize cost containment without sacrificing quality is important. This requires identification and elimination of cost drivers while continually striving to create the most efficient operating model possible. Our creative thinking and innovation allow HDL to deliver results to your bottom line.

White Glove

Most logistics companies today perform “white glove” deliveries. That term has been used for over 20 years and in many instances what you get is still the same as it was back then and has not evolved with the demands of the marketplace. Your high value products are too valuable to be handled in just another general commodity network. Our boutique model which supports a select number of companies in specialized industries allows us to focus on delivering the highest level of service with regards to the unique requirements that your customers place on your business.
What we find in the market today:

  • Handling and packaging procedures for your products must be customized by your logistics partners
  • Expectations exist for a consistent level of service anywhere you have customers
  • Coordination and communication are vital to keep you and your clients informed
  • Handling change at recovery or delivery sight is a constant that requires creativity and flexibility
  • Your customers, who are making substantial investments, are on tighter schedules to get new equipment installed and running
  • Detailed work instructions and a video library of your products are great tools to eliminate errors and improve performance
  • Survey feedback from field personnel elevates the overall experience for your customers

High Value Assets

At HDL we specialize in the recovery and delivery of high value assets all across the US, Canada and Caribbean. Our capabilities include:

  • Managing deliveries that require multiple men, time specific coordination, lift gates, inside, unpack and debris removal
  • Utilizing special equipment and tools required to uncrate, assemble and place systems in your client’s environment
  • Technical recovery of field assets
  • Providing complete packaging solutions for high value goods
  • Strategic planning to assist you in optimizing complex solutions
  • Remote warehousing options to support projects across the US

Today’s demands of greater speed, accuracy and higher client satisfaction require an innovative approach. Our goal is to provide seamless, stress free technical services that make your company look good and keep your clients happy.

Warehouse & Distribution

High Definition Logistics offers complete warehousing and distribution services. We can receive your goods, segregate them as needed, place them into inventory, store and prepare them for distribution or final destination. Below are some of the warehousing services that HDL offers:

  • Short & Long Term Storage
  • Inventory & PO Management
  • Packaging & Crating
  • Consolidations & Distributions

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