Collaborative Logistics Review

We believe one fundamental question must be asked to any potential logistics provider that you are considering; how are you any different than the countless number of companies that contact me?

HDL prides itself on not being a one size fits all logistics company providing cookie cutter solutions. We work best with clients whose logistics requirements are of high consequence, unique in nature and define the success of their business. Organizations that benefit from our approach will be seeking expertise, creative ideas, the ability to be nimble & flexible, and innovation to stay ahead of market trends.

Today’s logistics providers fall primarily into two categories. On the one hand you have very large companies managing very complex supply chains across the globe. These companies are built on legacy networks and handle transactions in mass scale with a focus to be as efficient as possible. They possess the resources to think strategically for large accounts but are limited in their level of flexibility. The other category consists of smaller companies across the country that usually work in geographical regions or are made up of separate operations that focus on specific groups of clients. While we agree that smaller companies offer greater levels of flexibility, many of these organizations do not have the bandwidth to be strategic for the client. HDL offers a fresh perspective. We combine the best of both worlds as a company with a high level strategic initiative supported with the operational model to deliver very personalized solutions for companies that we determine are a good fit for our model.

This starts with our Collaborative Logistics Review which helps us identify the following:

  • What can be done to increase the overall satisfaction of your clients?
  • How do we help you do more with less?
  • Which of your processes can be improved?
  • How do you get a competitive advantage through your logistics operation?

We know that logistics is a critical touch point with your clients. Schedule a free Collaborative Logistics Review where we will evaluate these questions and more to determine how you can improve your current operation.

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Schedule a Free Collaborative Logistics Review. Contact us at 877.884.4443 or