Retail Store Fixtures & Kiosks

Retail Fixtures & Kiosks

Evolution in the retail business is changing your marketplace. It is essential to design solutions to create the desired environment for your clients while the functionality must deliver more sales in less space. Technology is playing an ever increasing role in the shopper experience. Your creativity must keep pace with the rapid rate of refreshment and remodeling. We believe a well-executed logistics strategy will have a lasting impact on your client’s experience.

Key drivers of peak logistics performance your strategy should include are:

  • Make client satisfaction the number one goal. The final point of delivery is a crucial stage of your client experience. It has the potential to make or break your brand in their eyes.
  • Strategic planning and collaboration. Whether handling day to day single store shipments or planning large scale national roll outs every retailer has different in-store requirements. Exceeding your client’s expectations is best accomplished with advanced logistics planning to understand the details that make them successful . It also allows for the optimization of your transportation spend.
  • Flexibility in the solution design. Prototypes need to be handled with extreme care so the presentation leads to the sale. Exclusive use vehicles and padded van LTL provide damage free transit. Time definite ground networks, full truckload and regional distribution hubs present the most flexibility in solution design. Final mile capability to accommodate any requirement at delivery site ensure your product is properly placed at your customer location ready to install. The right combination of these different modes achieves success leading to more business for you.
  • Communication and coordination. Everyone must be informed along the way; your team, field installers, store managers and personnel. Micro management of the process from our team of professionals eliminates surprises and improves productivity.
  • Nimble on-the-fly reaction ability. Even with the best made plans there will always be the need for flexibility. From changing the time of appointments to working around a facility access point that is suddenly not available, we know the value of being nimble and finding the solution despite whatever challenges arise.
  • Damage control. Beginning with packaging design and handling requirements we must evaluate all factors that lead to better protection of your products. Explicit carrier instruction and development of routings that minimize handling have proven to be effective methods to reduce claims.

Working with you we design a custom logistics solution that delivers a world-class experience for your clients that brings you more business.

Free Collaborative Logistics Review

We know that logistics is a critical touch point with your clients. Schedule a free Collaborative Logistics Review where we will evaluate these questions and more to determine how you can improve your current operation.

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Schedule a Free Collaborative Logistics Review. Contact us at 877.884.4443 or