Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

From the beginning we have built our foundation on serving the food manufacturing industry. We know that when you have orders placed and production is scheduled, if the right ingredients or packaging material are not in inventory, then it is time for immediate action. Getting the right product to the production line on time and in good condition is essential to your success.
In order to consistently achieve high performance you must work with logistics companies that are able to:

  • Deliver the maximum number of network options to achieve required transit times
  • Understand your products and the special handling required to deliver accurately
  • Coordinate effectively with plant personnel to get your goods to the right person even after normal business hours
  • Over pack bags of ingredients to get them on the next flight out
  • Maintain the integrity of your product so it is delivered in compliant condition
  • Respond to your needs any time day or night and on the weekends

Many food manufacturing locations and your suppliers of ingredients and packaging materials are located in remote, out of the way locations, which increases the level of complexity. Serving these locations requires the development of a network that can respond to your critical situations regardless of where the shipment is originating or delivering. We work as your partner to arrange on time delivery of ingredients and packaging materials so that you can distribute your finished goods on time to your market place.

“Being the largest bakery in the US, our dilemma was to find the solution to reducing the organization’s cost associated with expedited shipping, while meeting the demands of our production nationwide. We were concerned that the variety of our needs would create a challenge to execution. High Definition Logistics provided a solution that reduced costs and delivered a level of service that exceeded our expectations.”

Victor Tellez - Bimbo Bakeries USA

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Schedule a Free Collaborative Logistics Review. Contact us at 877.884.4443 or