What Sets Us Apart


Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new. Management author Peter Drucker states, “The business enterprise has two-and only two-basic functions; marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs." Most companies overlook the opportunity to apply innovation in their logistics operation. We believe that you must establish innovation as an objective with your logistics providers in order to achieve the best results. This means continuously looking at how things can be done differently to make improvements to your operation. Taking steps outside of the box requires collaboration, creativity and a commitment to higher levels of performance.

Some of the outcomes our clients have realized through the application of innovation include:

  • Incremental cost containment
  • Higher levels of overall client satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency allowing them to do more with less
  • Ability to stay ahead of constant changes and demands of their markets
  • Achieving a competitive advantage through their logistics operation

We collaborate with companies to help you uncover where innovation can be applied to your business to achieve breakthroughs.


We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for communication from your logistics provider at crucial moments. At HDL we know logistics is one of the most important touch points that you have with your clients. We believe that effective communication and coordination are vital to creating a positive impression for your company.

No matter how fast and efficient technology has become we believe that each client requires a unique communication solution to deliver seamless integration among your company, your client and us as the logistics provider. Getting accurate information to the correct person at the right time means something different to each company and every situation may demand special requirements.
We are known for:

  • Proactive coordination to eliminate problems before they arise
  • 24/7/365 dedicated staff available to your company
  • Keeping your clients informed
  • Operating as an extension of your organization

At HDL our team goal is to make your logistics stress free allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Custom Solutions

Are you tired of hearing logistics companies tell you that their network is the greatest, or that they currently handle untold thousands of transactions and can easily add your volume to the mix? We believe you should expect more. HDL’s boutique model designs and operates solutions that are crafted around the unique requirements of your business.

Many times clients come to us with what they thought were custom solutions. Upon further evaluation their logistics needs have actually been integrated into a solution that has existed for years. Yes, it may be functional but they are not always optimal. How has your logistics performance kept up with changes in your marketplace?  Are you meeting ever increasing customer requirements?  Does your company demand the most cost effective options available? Logistics is more than getting product from point A to point B. We believe that it must also:

  • Improve your client satisfaction
  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Identify and reduce cost drivers
  • Mitigate risk by decreasing your exposure
  • Create a more efficient work process allowing you to do more with less

What makes us qualified to understand the unique requirements of your business? It begins with our focus on industries that demand innovative ideas to stay ahead. Leading companies in these industries are always searching for ways to increase performance. Through a Collaborative Logistics Review we are able to determine where to make improvements in your operation. The outcome of this process leads to one of three possibilities.

  • The development of a new and better solution for your company
  • Improvements to what you are currently doing
  • Confirmation that what is being done now is as good as it gets

If your company needs a custom solution, make sure that you thoroughly evaluate what you get. The objective is not to implement just what is functional but instead it is to achieve what is optimal. The end result will be to deliver greater performance from your logistics operation.

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