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AV & Technology

We know the stresses that you must manage to be successful today. Client demands are constantly changing and increasing. Our experience with AV and network equipment has taught us that to win in this market we must be able to offer expertise and value. More than ever, reliability and high performance from your logistics partners is required.
Key drivers of peak performance that your logistics strategy should include are:

  • Make client satisfaction the number one goal. The final point of delivery is a crucial stage of your client experience. It has the potential to make or break your brand in their eyes.
  • Scheduling and coordination. Even with the best made plans there will always be the need for flexibility. Effective communication and coordination with field installers, technicians, or your customers at delivery site is mandatory. From changing the time of appointments to working around a facility access point that is suddenly not available, we know the value of being nimble.
  • Supporting your market. Many companies strategically focus on industry verticals to sell their products and services. Knowing the relevant issues for each of these allows for better planning and execution. Corporate, healthcare, government, large venues, retail, hotels, and education all have unique requirements that set them apart. HDL understands these needs and will help your performance regardless of your clientele.
  • Innovation. AV and network integration thrives on innovation. You should expect it from your logistics partners as well. Whether in the form of a more efficient operation or optimizing the transportation network the result is higher client satisfaction and incremental cost reduction.
  • Claim prevention and risk management. Product delivering that is not in good working condition quickly becomes a nightmare. We work with clients to design effective packaging and handling methods to prevent avoidable damages. In addition, we create innovative insurance solutions that share risk in the situation where unavoidable damage does occur.

Working with you we design a custom logistics solution that delivers a world class experience for your clients that brings you more business.

“The markets we serve are very diverse and our clients rank among the largest and most visible companies. With this comes the need for logistics support that can match our level of innovation and client focus. We began with HDL in one office and based on their execution and level of understanding about what it takes to increase our client satisfaction, they have grown to support our network of offices. It is very important for us to work with partners that understand our unique requirements and that’s why we have a great relationship with HDL.”

Dale Hughes - AVI-SPL

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We know that logistics is a critical touch point with your clients. Schedule a free Collaborative Logistics Review where we will evaluate these questions and more to determine how you can improve your current operation.

Contact us at 877.884.4443 or info@hdlog.com

Schedule a Free Collaborative Logistics Review. Contact us at 877.884.4443 or info@hdlog.com